Welcome to the web home of the fabulous Lakeside Lounge.  The stories you’ve heard are most certainly true.

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Lakeside Lounge
162 Ave B
NY, NY 10009

Closed April 30. 12
4pm till 4am
it was always free to get in
21 and over with valid ID. NY State Law

Lakeside Calendar
Lakeside is closed.
Thanks again to all of our bands, customers and staff

Last two Weeks at the Lakeside

Mon April 16- The Balboans 9pm
Tues April 17- Empire Beats 9pm
Wed April 18- The Biscuit Grabbers 9pm, Maynard & The Musties 7pm
Thurs April 19- The Jim Keller Band 9pm, Bethany Saint Smith & the Gun Show 7pm
Fri April 20- Los Dudes 11pm, Chris Erikson & the Wayward Puritans 7pm
Sat April 21- Spanking Charlene 10:30pm, Madison Smartt Bell & the Forgettors
Sun April 22- T. Valentine $7 at 9pm
Mon April 23- American Dream 9pm, FRANKENPINE 7pm
Tues April 24- Megan Reilly record party 9pm
Wed April 25- Slim Francis 9pm, Steve Almaas 7pm
Thurs April 26- Jahn Xavier & the Bowerytones 9pm, Chris Berardo & the Desberardos 7pm
Fri April 27- Moto-Gators 11pm, Drina Seay & the Deep Blue Sea 7pm
Sat April 28- Simon & the Bar Sinisters 10:30pm, The Holy Cows 7pm
Sun April 29- Band of Outsiders 9pm, The Underthings 7pm
Monday April 30th- Eric Ambel & The Roscoe Trio with Phil Cimino, Chip Robinson & Alison Jones.  Fun will be had.  Thanks for the good times.

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Kelly Keller Music Foundation
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Lakeside Lounge

Thank you so much too all of our bands, customers and staff. 

Lakeside Lounge  April 4, 1996 - April 30 2012