Here’s what you should know:

  1. 1.We don’t pay the bands, and we never charge a cover. You can sell merch, or pass the champagne bucket if you like. The band does get to drink for free, but that means the band - not friends of the band and/or girlfriends/boyfriends.

  1. 2.We can’t go too loud (we have neighbors upstairs and this mayor is worse than the last one.... our next noise fine will be $9,000.  Leave that Twin at home), so you must use our back line. We've got 2 great Fender 15 watt class A all tube Pro Juniors, 1 Fender Blues Jr., a Peavey TNT 65 bass amp, we have a keyboard stand and amp and a '69 Ludwig drum kit with Pearl hardware. Your drummer brings cymbals, snare drum, and kick pedal. (We have the hardware). You don’t get a sound check (the Beatles never sound checked once in their career). Soundman will help you an hour before the show.

  1. 3.If you want to get re-booked, we expect you to bring in some folks! We feature only one band for one hour per night. That means it’s your night. You’re not sharing it with 3-5 other bands, so don’t be afraid to drag out everyone you know -- especially alcoholics.  Get online and get our friends out to your show.  Please do not post posters on city property like light poles.  If we get a ticket for your poster you will be responsible for the charges.

  1. 4.What we don’t book (mostly for volume reasons): Funk (loud bass rattles the building, wakes the neighbors), heavy metal, hip hop, anything involving Marshall stacks, dj’s, prog-rock, hard core, emo-core, solo acoustic singer songwriters (unless you have a band behind you or are already famous), cover bands, jam bands, hair bands, boy bands, anyone influenced by REM or U2. What we do book: Rock’n’roll, country, and garage rock.

  1. 5.Please don't send us any more cd's!  We just can't keep up with the mail.  Don’t call either.  Our bartenders have their hands full.  Best thing to do is e-mail us with a link to your website. We’ll check it out.  If we like the tunes we will get back to you.

  1. 6.Myspace sites work best for us for booking. Please don’t send any EPK’s or Sonicbids EPK’s.  They are a waste of your money and our time. All EPK’s will be deleted.


****Sorry but we are no longer booking gigs.  Thanks to all the bands and musicians who have played the Lakeside over our 16 years****


162 Ave B

NY, NY 10009


Open every day

4pm till 4am

the Lakeside has just one band per night and shows start on time.

Sun-Thus 9pm

Fri-Sat 11pm

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